The Need

Brownfield Regional lost its business office manager and faced many challenges in its efforts to be reimbursed.

The Solution

Brownfield Regional deployed Insourced Business Office complemented by a ResolutionRCM project manager to assist in training internal staff, collecting aged accounts receivable, reducing DNFB, and optimizing reimbursement.

The Benefit

The insource solution from ResolutionRCM met Brownfield Regional’s goal to keep jobs in the community. The ResolutionRCM onsite business office manager worked with BRMC staff to resolve over $2.5 million in aged AR. Training provided to the business office staff along with productivity, accountability, and benchmarking reporting produced sustainable results when the business office was later successfully transitioned back to BRMC.

Brownfield Regional Medical Center (BRMC) is a 38 bed, short term acute care hospital located in Brownfield, on the South Plains of Texas. The facility’s goal is to provide quality healthcare services that are accessible, affordable, and meet the needs of Brownfield and the neighboring regional communities. For over 50 years, residents have counted on BRMC to provide healthcare services to the residents of Brownfield and beyond. Today’s residents continue to rely on the comprehensive care offered through the continuously expanding range of healthcare services provided by BRMC.

Ensuring Community Services

Like many rural and community healthcare providers today, BRMC faced many challenges. BRMC, in particular, faced an unpredictable economy, a missing business office manager, an improperly trained staff, and the ever-increasing complexity of Medicare and Medicaid billing. Leadership knew changes were necessary and an effective solution was needed quickly. They reviewed the best strategy to meet community goals and responsibilities; keeping jobs in the community, reducing outstanding accounts receivables, and providing training to their employees for a secure future and continued success in the region.

Improving the Fiscal Health of the Hospital

BRMC leadership selected ResolutionRCM to “insource” the business office and together, they reviewed the challenges and executive goals; the AR days were over 130 days, DNFB was at 27 days, and the total aged AR was verging on $4.5 million. The office staff needed discipline and training. ResolutionRCM hired all BRMC employees to keep jobs in the community and placed a seasoned ResolutionRCM business office manager onsite to train and lead the revenue cycle team.

Mike Click – “We had been without a business office manager and our issues were severe. The transition was relatively easy, and the results practically immediate. ResolutionRCM took over only the necessary positions, trained those we desired to have stay, and the billing office began to function efficiently. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with ResolutionRCM.

Creating a Solid Foundation for Success and Future Performance

The ResolutionRCM manager began to mentor and train the business office staff, increasing their skills and confidence. Accountability, productivity, and benchmarking reporting were initiated and the aged AR and DNFB began to decline, bringing much needed cash back into the hospital budget. Under the guidance of the ResolutionRCM business office manager, the staff reduced the outstanding AR to less than $2 million and BRMC was able to decrease the number of business office staff needed by implementing process improvements and increasing operational efficiencies. ResolutionRCM provided the resources, skills, and processes necessary to increase cash performance.

Executives from BRMC and ResolutionRCM understood that the scope of this project was significant and set about with a united effort to optimize the revenue cycle and business office redesign.

ResolutionRCM provided the support and guidance during the insource to optimize reimbursement for BRMC. Transparency of cost is inherent during the ResolutionRCM insource project, which eliminated pricing surprises.

  • ResolutionRCM assumes all costs of the revenue cycle including the cost of other revenue cycle vendors
  • Pricing set at current costs plus 10%
  • ResolutionRCM guarantees that additional reimbursement will exceed 150% of additional costs or contract may be terminated
  • Manage and train current staff
  • Optimize current patient accounting system
  • New technology introduced to improve reimbursement
  • Monthly accountability, productivity and benchmarking reports

Guaranteed Performance – Peace of Mind

After several years, ResolutionRCM assisted BRMC in returning to an in-house business office once operations were stabilized. The transfer was seamless, and the fully trained BRMC office staff made a smooth, successful transition. They continue to utilize the best practices and many of the proprietary tools and reporting ResolutionRCM provided during the insource.